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  • Bright A Blind Database Design, Development and Maintenance

For nearly 20 years we have been working with Bright A Blind, a leading solar shading company, developing and maintaining their behemoth of a bespoke database system.

Several modules run across various departments enabling staff to maintain CRM, administrate the operations and assembly departments, log and monitor surveyor schedules, manage stock and produce detailed dashboard reports and QPRs.

With a SQL Server backend and a front end developed on Access and VBA, – it pretty much makes the whole company function.

We work with staff to improve procedures and analyse current business practices (not just computer based!) to develop and create new systems and forms.

Recent updates have included a new Locator system for the warehouse, updating the UI to include custom Ribbons with bespoke graphics and dynamic form colours for different CRM departments and we created a new sub contractor invoicing system that not only improved the Accounts process but saved one day of weekend overtime a month for the Operations Manager!

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